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Desmaze is a simple puzzle map. At least, the concept is simple and easy to comprehend. The puzzle map is a giant maze stretching from one end of the map to the other. The length is incredible and add it together with the amount of paths and dead ends, the result is absolutely massive in its own respect. There are various areas where the maze breaks but only the walls break down, opening for rest, not opening an exit to the maze. Its very possible to clear the maze. Take this as a challenge and if you enjoy stumbling back and forth inside a massive maze, more power to you. The issue is not running into a lot of dead ends, but knowing if you’re going in the correct direction or not. With there being a lot of land to cover, you could be traversing towards the side rather than to the end of the maze.

At the other end of the maze are large pyramids with its glamour comparable to the maze. On the sides are sphinx statues guarding the pyramids. No treasure or any real objective of the build rather than to showcase the structure and manner of the maze. In the end, it’s a nice a little gem that’s worth exploring. It could even be used a survival map with multiple players trying to live through the night in the maze fending off monsters.


Lets recap.

  • Desert build.
  • Maze puzzle.
  • Absolutely massive.
  • Stretches from one side to the other.
  • At the end lies pyramids.

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Desmaze Map

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Developer Msk_Roy
Compatible Minecraft Version 1.8.7
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