Dimension Jumper 2 Map


Dimension Jumper 2 is the second installment in the two-part series. Dimension Jumper 2 retains the same features and style of gameplay from the first one, but returns with an additions of 8 new levels to conquer. The Dimension Jumper series features a unique gameplay element where it allows the player to interact between two builds that are connected to each other making up a single level. These are the dimensions. Players can hop between the dimensions with the use of a custom potion. The puzzles require the players to hop between the two dimensions to complete chains of puzzles that are connected to the other dimensions. Once they’ve been completed correctly, you can move onto the next level which have a completely different build but the same concept of jumping between dimensions. The dimensions that you jump between have the idea of Heaven and Hell imbued into them. You might start out in a bright and spirit-filled atmosphere on one side and as soon as you jump dimensions, it’s completely the opposite where it’s a lot darker and threatening. The map comes packaged with a custom resource pack that is recommended to be used while playing the map. Each level features its own theme and may include some 3D art. Below the “Rules” tab, there will be a list of settings that players should adjust for optimal performance when running the map. Dimension Jumper is also multiplayer compatible, but if you were to run on it on a server then those settings take a higher priority to make sure that the map runs correctly.


Lets recap.

  • 8 levels to complete.
  • Map centers around switching scenery (dimensions).
  • Levels have their “good” and “bad” counterparts.
  • Comes with it’s own texture pack.
  • Different levels have unique themes.
  • Custom potions that allow travel between dimensions.
  • Heaven and Hell plot.
  • Sequel in two part series.
  • Increasing difficulty in levels.

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Dimension Jumper 2 Map

Installation Instructions


Some maps have rules to enforce the quality of gameplay or to avoid any actions that could be game breaking. Here are the rules. Rules

  • Don’t break or place blocks.


  • Play with the texture pack provided with the map.
  • Cloud: OFF
  • Smooth lighting: OFF
  • Play with Minecraft 1.8+
  • If multiplayer — “enable-command-block=true”


Developer Bigre
Compatible Minecraft Version 1.8.7
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