Omcolorful Network Spawn Map


Hey everybody, this post is going to be a little bit different. Unfortunately, the build team that created this build has not released it to the public and they probably won’t since it was a commissioned project for a server. I wanted to post it simply because it really caught my attention. Anime culture is rising in popularity and its pulled me in and I just thought this was really cool and really well done. So it’s here to be showcased and I would like to give a download but the chances are slim to nothing.

The project itself features different builds of symbolic structures are 3D art work of popular anime. The project was built for the Omcolorful server which is centered around Japanese and anime culture. The server features multiple worlds that pertain to a certain anime and it revolve around their theme. This is a hub that features all the gates to the different worlds that you can port to through the gates. Each gate features something iconic from the anime world that it leads to.

The gates surround a large garden area with paths and bridges that connect to the center to give ease of access to an fro. Aside from the anime art, the hub features some really beautiful statues and plants like cherry blossoms that decorate everything with a focus of Asian culture. Instead of a download link under the “Install” tab, there should still be a link that leads to the original thread. If you’re interested in checking out more images of the build and the server itself, you can click here or check for the link under the Install tab.


Lets recap.

  • Different 3D artwork from popular anime:
    • Angel Beats
    • Attack on Titan
    • Fairy Tail
    • DateAlive
    • Sword Art Online
    • Gun Gale Online
    • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Central server hub.
  • Different gates that lead to different maps and worlds.
  • Asian (Japanese) themed in both anime and culture.
  • Features cherry blossoms and Japanese architecture.
  • A central pathway connects all the gates.
  • Area similarly shaped like a lotus.

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Omcolorful Network Spawn Map

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Developer Aeva
Compatible Minecraft Version 1.8.7
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