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Shigeiwa-Akō is a build that is separated into two parts with everything built around a Japanese oriented style, even the terrain. One part is the city featuring port areas and housing areas. The second part features the dojos and temples. The terrain is built with mixtures of different blocks rough and smooth such as natural grass and some gravel spread in various spots. Players start out in the center of the forest where its filled with greenery and some beautiful cherry blossoms. In the sky, you can see large block birds flying over the trees. There’s a road where you start and it should lead you to the city.

The port area has a couple buildings built on top of miniature islands out in the middle of the water. Some water bridges connect the buildings to the mainland city and as you walk out into large areas, you can see some lanterns floating in the sky near buildings or hovering over the water. The rest of the city is filled with houses and shares the second area featuring dojos and temples. Entering into the city, you’ll find some traditional “torii” gates that lead you into the shrines and temples. In the corner of build features a tall mountain covered in snow (the others are not) and just below it you can see a tall temple with the yin-yang symbol engraved on the wood. The build is interesting to explore and even more-so if you’re interested in a glimpse into culture. The project even features a very serene cinematic.


Lets recap.

  • Japanese style oriented build.
  • Traditional pagodas.
  • Cherry blossoms.
  • Extreme hills and mountains.
  • Mixed terrain.
  • Walkways.
  • Iconic symbols.
  • Build is split into two parts.
  • City, port, and housing parts.
  • Dojo and temple parts.
  • Mini islands with housing.
  • Thin rivers flowing through the city.
  • A tall snow mountain (Mt. Fuji?).
  • A planted farm plot.
  • A forest w/ a road to help with navigation.
  • Lanterns.
  • Torii gates and shrines.

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Shigeiwa-Akō Map

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Developer SmokerMs
Compatible Minecraft Version 1.8.7
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