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I’m sure you’re one of the many players of League of Legends and if not, one of the many that have heard of it. The game has a rich lore that is currently being reworked and recently one of their kingdoms/empires/domains have received an update along with its own cinematic, Shurima. Shurima in League of Legends is a desert empire that was once populated until a weak ruler (Azir) ascends to the throne. He was strong as a leader but was easily manipulated by one of his advisors (Xerath). Seeking an ancient power that will ascend him into heavenly being with unimaginable power, manipulates the emperor into using his power for the search. After holding the ceremony to ascend the Azir, Xerath steals the power away mid-ceremony and obliterates the empire into oblivion. Eventually, his power was concealed at the sacrifice of an ancient guardian and his brother.

Later on, the sacred tomb of Shurima gets ravaged by a mercenary and her employer. Her blood, being descended from Shurima’s royalty, is spilled onto the tomb and unleashes the door concealing Xerath and revives Azir. Azir alive once again, recreates Shurima with his new-found powers of commanding sand and carries on the legacy of the Sun Disc. So it goes.

The map was recreated from the ending image of Shurima from the cinematic which features the civilization’s symbolic Sun Disc that empowers the emperor. The build is absolutely massive and there was much attention paid to details when it comes to engravings and patterns on the sand. The Sun Disc itself features an intricate pattern the star that lies in the center. There are bridges and long pathways that connect from one side to the other and some of them contain water in them. The exterior features large pillars and canyons as it was a flat desert before the recreation of Shurima. The exterior eventually fades into an oasis surrounding the slopes sinking into build. If you look closely at some of the carvings in the mass of sand under the Sun Disc, you can see some structures that look like homes.


Lets recap.

  • The legendary Sun Disc.
  • All-sand build.
  • Desert themed build.
  • Built off the Shuriman empire from League of Legends.
  • Miniature sandstone homes.
  • Landscaping on a massive scale.
  • Symmetrical bridges w/ flowing water.
  • A canyon.
  • Large pillars.
  • Star designs on the Sun Disc.

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Shurima Map

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Developer Heliostorm
Compatible Minecraft Version 1.8.7
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