BetterFPS is a performance boosting mod and does the job of simply increasing your game’s FPS through various calculations. Minecraft calculates with the use of sine and cosine. BetterFPS alters how Minecraft calculates it and the results increase your game’s performance. Minecraft servers also commonly calculate with sine and cosine such as chunk generation and entity acceleration. BetterFPS is simple to install requiring you to drag and drop the .jar file in to your Mods folder if you already have Forge installed. It’s completely multiplayer compatible and is compatible with a couple other performance boosting mods such as Optifine. A list can be found in the Features section and to check for future updates on the list, look in the original forum post.

Players can configure the mod and change how to increase your game’s performance. It features an in-game configuration screen that you can play around with. BetterFPS uses various algorithms to compute the improvements. Future updates feature rendering improvements and maybe TPS improvements.


Let’s recap.

  • Increases game performance.
  • Changes how Minecraft calculates sine & cosine.
  • The algorithm is configurable with in-game config screen.
  • Easy installation.
  • Useful for servers since servers need sine & cosine to generate chunks, calculate entity acceleration, etc.
  • Compatible with other performance boosters such as:
    • Optifine
    • Fastcraft
    • FPSPlus+ – BetterFPS will override FPSPlus

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BetterFPS Mod

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