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Minecraft has a bunch of recipes that a player needs to memorize that is essential to their growth and survival. Minecraft is slowly expanding and sometimes a patch brings in new recipes that even veteran’s need to take the time to learn. When you’re new to the game, remembering the recipes can become a hassle because there is nothing in-game to show you what can be crafted and what can’t. To make matters worse, many recipes are restricted to form making it that the player needs to place the right item in the right square to create the item. Of course, players can open up a browser and search it up, but that’s still a hassle and you might end up having to open it up over and over again when you start playing again. To fix that, CraftGuide is presented.

CraftGuide acts exactly like what it says, it’s a crafting guide. CraftGuide contains all available crafting recipes from Vanilla Minecraft. Sometimes, if a mod is compatible with the mod, it’ll show up on the recipe table along with its value and item ID. Players can craft the item by placing a crafting table in the center of the grid, a piece of paper in each corner, and fill the edges with four books. Once crafted, players can equip the item in their hotbar and right-click to open it. Players can also take it easy and open it by pressing “G” and it doesn’t require you to have the book on hand. This allows you to use it in multiplayer servers even if they don’t have it installed.

CraftGuide features all crafting recipes and single items that have to be obtained instead of being crafted. Players can click on an item from the table to see what recipes it’s used in. In the opposite effect, players can click on a crafting recipe to see what’s required. CraftGuide also features fuel measurement. Players can hover over a form of fuel for furnaces such as coal, wooden sticks, or lava and it should tell you how long it will keep the furnace burning.

Overall, CraftGuide is a very useful utility for newcomers and veterans of the game. While CraftGuide may not be as useful to veterans, they can still be forgetful and having this on hand ought to become very convenient. CraftGuide is mostly useful to veterans when on a server or using a new mod. With a new mod, it allows the player to search up new recipes that were added to the game without having to go through the hassle of rummaging through the forums for the mod post or the website for its wiki. A server on the other hand, is situational and is dependent on what the owner has installed and whatnot. For newcomers, it serves as a way to help them pull up recipes quickly and memorize them easily.


Let’s recap.

  • Lists all available crafting recipes one page.
  • Page features a scroll bar to quicken browsing.
  • Features a blue arrow at the bottom right that allows window re-sizing.
  • Players have the ability to hide or show certain crafting recipes.
  • Text search of a recipe can be done in search bar.
  • Shows various version of the same recipe if free-form.
  • Customize-able settings.
  • Exclusive filter.
  • Input and output filter.
  • Machine only recipes filter.
  • Has the ability to show item ID instead of just name.
  • Items from mods have the ability to show up on the recipe table (if compatible).

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CraftGuide Mod

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