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Are you tired of wimpy pets that always get themselves killed and don’t do what you ask? Looking to add awesome fun and new abilities into your game world? Searching for super cute friends that will stay by your side through thick and thin? Look no further because Inventory Pets offers all of this in the comfort of your inventory. Inventory Pets adds a multitude of new pets to the game, but not the kind that you tame and they follow you around. Rather, you craft them and they stay in your inventory. They offer bonuses that become active to the player when they equip them in their hotbar. This means that you can equip multiple Inventory Pets and stack on effects from different pets from the same pet. These bonuses circle around combat buffs, weapons and armor, utilities, drops, and special effects in exchange for feeding and caring for it.

The best part is that these pets aren’t static. Like regular pets in the game, they have models, they move, and you can interact with them right? Well Inventory Pets is no different and it even has a little bit of style to it. Your pets require your constant care such as feeding it. While they sit in your inventory, they come to life becoming animated and moving around in your inventory! each Inventory Pet has a different diet and their abilities depend on what type of pet their are. Just keep a stack of their favorite food somewhere in your inventory and they will find their way to it. Pets hunger bar is shown as its durability bar and is drained while equipped in your hotbar. Once it drains completely, its effects are stopped.

There are four categories of pets and each one of them are obtainable through crafting except for the Legendary pets. The mod adds new dungeons where you have a chance of finding a Legendary Pet in the chests. All dungeons are guarded by hostile mobs except for the Treetops which relies on hiding rather than defense.

Most pets follow the same crafting recipes. Here’s an example recipe for the Creeper. Emerald Nuggets on the Outside, his favorite Food at the Top Center (Gunpowder), Diamond in the Center, and Gold Ingot at the bottom.

Most pets follow the above recipe structure. Materials for each pet (except Legendary) are listed above with the individual pets.


Let’s recap.

  • Adds pet that roam and perform different animations in your inventory.
  • Adds different types of pets such as:
    • Mobs Pets
    • Peaceful Pets
    • Utility Pets
    • Legendary Pets
  • Pets also have passive and active abilities that buff you.
  • Pet caring system.
  • Pets can be crafted or discovered.
  • Pets are cute but deadly!
  • Can use up to 9 Inventory Pets.
  • Same Inventory Pets can be used in a mix of multiple pets.
  • New dungeons:
    • Sky Dungeons
    • Sea Caves
    • Underground Dungeons
    • Treetops (Unprotected but hard to spot)
  • Certain pets are only obtainable through chests from the new dungeons mentioned above.
  • Configurable via config file.
  • Pet care guide and pet index here!

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Inventory Pets Mod

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