When you’re playing a multiplayer game, you’ll want to communicate with others whether it be through voice or text. To achieve a means of communication, you use programs like Teamspeak, Skype, and Mumble. They allow both text and voice, but voice is easier and quicker to use when setup properly. Sometimes games provide their own VoiP system. When they don’t, you use external programs like one of those listed above. Unfortunately, those are only used to establish a link in communication and provide no real interaction with the game world. What I mean is that you’ll hear anyone and everyone no matter what. Their volume and presence stays constant. None of the game’s properties like distance or acoustics affects communication.

MumbleLink allows you to connect communication program Mumble to your Minecraft client. You can use Mumble without this mod, but it doesn’t provide any of those interactions I mentioned above. When you link Mumble to Minecraft, it allows you to communicate in the same way as others who have linked it to. When you and others link and communicate with each other, the audio will be affected by distance and position of the broadcaster. The farther away the player is, the quieter he will be and harder to hear. Where he is broadcasting from will also affect how you clear you hear him. If he’s standing on your far right, you’ll only be able to hear him on your right speaker. If he’s on your left, your left speaker. All things are customize-able through the Mumble settings.


Let’s recap.

  • Adds VoiP to Minecraft SMP.
  • Links Mumble client to Minecraft client.
  • Directional broadcasting.
  • Attenuated VoiP in relation to the game world.
  • Positional audio.
  • Communicate w/ other players using Mumblelink.
  • Now supports Teamspeak3!!!

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