Storage Drawers Mod


  • Adds drawers to the game.
  • Adds new blocks and recipes.
  • Storage drawer blocks feature multiple drawers.
  • One drawer holds one type of block.
  • One drawer can hold stacks of the same block.
  • Players can withdraw single blocks or stacks of blocks.
  • Higher quality storage feature more available drawers.
  • Color and texture can differentiate depending on what wood you craft with.
  • Features full storage and compact storage.
  • Storage drawers can have upgrades implemented.
  • Upgrades increase storage capabilities.
  • Upgrades grant unique abilities to the affected storage block.
  • Upgrades feature changing visuals to define the type.
  • Upgrades can be applied to both full and compact storage.
  • No inventory GUI, items are stored in bulk,
  • Drawer Controllers allow players to create an item flow/storage network.
  • Multiplayer compatible.

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Storage Drawers Mod

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