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The Unique Artifacts mod adds new items to the game that provide players with bonus effects through trigger and effect. Basically, the artifacts are active items that are activated with right-clicks or other forms of controls and have a durability that drains with each use. These artifacts are randomly generated around the world and are commonly generated inside rare structures that are vanilla such as temples and pyramids. Artifacts are powerful in itself and to have these rare structures contain them, makes them more of a target obviously. These are a new form of treasure and these structures were made to protect them and to prevent them from falling into the players’ hand.

Randomly generated vanilla structures that contain artifacts have been rigged with new traps and challenges that utilizes new items added from the mod. The mod adds a couple new traps and terrain blocks that trigger them. The triggers are much more conspicuous and hard to spot as opposed to standard pressure plates that just try to blend into the ground. These new blocks are also craft-able and the recipes can be found in the forum post here. There is also a new material, Manaesence. You can craft weapons and armor with it and you can also upgrade it to Infused Manaesence.

Most of the artifacts have powers that are useful to you whether in or out of combat. Other artifacts have uses that are just for fun. Since these artifacts have active uses, they also have durability. They also have different qualities of artifacts similar to the quality of materials when we craft them into armor, tools, and weapons (wood – diamond). The higher the quality of the material the artifact is discovered of, the more uses it has. Some artifacts have passive abilities and they’re generally tied to artifact armors.


Let’s recap.

  • New items.
  • New crafting recipes.
  • New materials.
  • New brewing recipes.
  • Addition of artifacts w/ bonus effects.
  • Uses trigger and effect system.
  • Items are randomly generated and commonly generated in rare structures.
  • Vanilla structures (pyramids, temples, etc.) are rigged with new traps.
  • 5 effects per item.
  • 32 combinations of trigger and effect.
  • Approximately 24,165,120 different items before enchantments are applied.
  • Each artifact has it’s own unique name.
  • Artifacts have different levels of quality.
  • Higher quality will have higher durability.
  • Some useful, some for fun.
  • All artifacts use a single item ID.
  • Compatible with:
    • Mystcraft
    • Plunder Rummage
    • Thaumcraft 4
    • Baubles

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Unique Artifacts Mod

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