Ye Gamol Chattels Mod


Ye Gamol Chattels is a mod that adds a variety of new cosmetic items and aesthetics. The blocks and items added are highly immersive and interactive with. At the same time, the additions are mostly for recreation and have no game changing effects on the game. The mod is great for people who love decorating there homes. The difference is that this takes a different approach as opposed to modern home decor. Ye Gamol Chattels has no theme, but much of its additions have a historic appeal to their aesthetics. You can decorate your homes with piles of New World gold or add statues that you can sculpt yourself.

Many of the additions have a lot of functionality too. For example, the Grindstone functions exactly as the Anvil but is less costly and takes on a different appearance. The usage is different too and is used as an active instead of simply right-clicking to open an interface. The Grindstone needs to be spun by clicking on it and as you click on it, you can visually see the wheel spinning and speeding up. Repair your items by equipping it in your hand and using it while the wheel is spinning. Other examples are the Gongs. The Gongs vary in size and they’ll vary in pitch too. Hitting the Gongs in different areas will produce different notes too.

Ye Gamol Chattels adds a couple of new blocks and most of those blocks are usually crafted together to form a functional item. The Chisel item is able to interact with almost any block, but there were a couple other blocks that were added specifically to be used with the Chisel. The Microblock comes in different colors and these Microblocks can be broken and carved with the Chisel. Carving or breaking the block with a Chisel will produce Microblock fragments. The size of the Chisel will determine the size of the chunk that gets carved. With this item, you can carve your own works of art with amazing detail. The best part is when you’re done. After you’re done, you can break the sculpture and you’ll get a sculpture item that keeps your work of art intact. You can pick up your sculpture and place it back down without destroying the shape.


Let’s recap.

  • Lots of new aesthetics.
  • Lots of new cosmetic items and blocks.
  • High interaction among blocks and items.
  • Very detailed interactions.
  • High immersion.
  • Free-flowing theme.
  • Tons of recreation.
  • Centers around items, blocks, and entities (no weapons and such).
  • Vanilla centered, nothing too game changing.

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Ye Gamol Chattels Mod

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Developer Ivorius
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