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Acrility is a new take on Minecraft’s default textures to take the details to a higher level of realism. The combined details really makes the generated worlds look amazing. There are little details here and there with a touch of mystics and magic to still have the game retain its feeling of a game, meaning those touch ups keep it in the green area of realistic. The textures do very well collaborating with each other, only experiencing small amounts of clashing that isn’t really noticeable. Throughout the whole transition, the patterns respect each other. Really want those details to stick out? Check out the pack with shaders!

Acrility features a 64×64 HD resolution with extra textures that can be seen with Optifine or a patched client with MCPatcher. The pack receives occasional updates to fix minor errors and major fixes depending on the situation such as a client update. All the blocks, items, and mobs have received new textures from the pack appearing as an HD variation of the regular Minecraft textures. The pack also customizes the splash menu seen when you first launch the client. A font update will be a part of the pack, changing fonts from the splash menu to the in-game menu. Lastly, the GUI itself has been customized to tie it all together.


Let’s recap.

  • 64×64 resoultion.
  • HD texture pack.
  • Detailed textures.
  • Magical textures.
  • Balance between themes so there isn’t too much realism.
  • HD variation of the default pack.
  • Touches up minor flaws.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Custom environment.
  • Custom font.
  • Custom GUI.
  • Custom items.
  • Custom splash.

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Acrility Resource Pack

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