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Equanimity is another variant of the default texture pack, but it takes it a step and beyond. The pack is a 32×32 resolution pack in HD and it also adds 3D models to the game. The models are really high quality despite the small amount of time used to create them. Even so, the small amount of details are utilized really well to create that “better than it looks” effect while at the same time making it easy to update the textures. Basically, the packs been optimized for use on the player side and efficiency on the creator’s side, a win/win. The pack looks brighter than the default pack and contains noticeable patterns on a few blocks. Certain blocks on the other hand, haven’t received any sort of color customization, but instead received a 3D model. It’s highly recommended to use the Shaders mod to bring out the best of any pack that contain 3D models. Since most of the Shaders pack add shadowing and lighting angles, it makes the model pop out while adding other details to the block.

Equanimity features models for equipment and blocks that aren’t commonly used for building structures such sand and dirt. Things like the crafting table, railroads, bricks, and things of the like will have models. The pack has avoided having models for common blocks such as stone and cobblestone because it makes up most of the underground and can strain one’s client when they get generated and explored. Aside from the addition of models, the pack includes a font change and a custom GUI. To add to that, there have been some minor changes to the background of the menu and the splash. Particles have been customized too. Finally, updates are released frequently mostly to add new models. If that’s not needed for you and you just want the HD style, you can download the PvP version where there are no models.


Let’s recap.

  • 32×32 resolution.
  • PvP Versions (Only plain blocks to help increase FPS)
  • 3D models.
  • Higher resolution variation of the default pack.
  • Average of five minutes per texture.
  • Custom equipment.
  • Custom art.
  • Custom environment.
  • Custom font.
  • Custom GUI.
  • Custom items.
  • Custom mobs.
  • Custom particles.
  • Minor background changes.

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Equanimity Resource Pack

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