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Looking for fresh and absolutely stunning? Finlandia is at the top of it’s game while keeping up with the other packs. Finlandia is a pack that was inspired by the creator’s place of origin, Finland. The pack centers around a lot of Finnish textures and style. With that focus in mind, the pack strives to be a realistic resource pack. The pack uses a mix of high resolutions and photo realism to get a lot of depth out of the pack. The textures alone are absolutely beautiful and is perfect for reaching the realistic margin without going overboard with customization. If you’re looking for even more beauty and realism, try it out with Shaders where it brings out the sense of Finnish adventure and richness of it’s culture that it brings to Minecraft.

Finlandia features variations of Minecraft’s default textures and with a closer view of the textures, shows a moderate mix of rough and soft blends of color. Much of it was inspired by what Finland’s beautiful nature had to offer. With a game like Minecraft, the inspiration of nature carried over really well. The pack also features a couple of 3D models that were added after the 1.8 patch and more may be added as the pack is still being polished. The pack features it’s own custom GUI with a mix of dark colors. The environment does experience some change with the pack, but you won’t be able to see it’s full potential with the pack alone. Finlandia is recommended to be used with GLSL Shaders which brightens the overall tone of the pack. The Shaders affects the terrain quite a bit and with a side-by-side comparison with and without Shaders, you can notice the difference. Without Shaders, the customization and changes are still well done, but the colors are a tad weaker when it interacts with other textures.


Let’s recap.

  • Realistic texture pack.
  • Textured in conjunction with shaders.
  • Finnish style.
  • Well connected textures.
  • Smooth transitioning.
  • Distinct tiles.
  • Luscious appearance with shaders.
  • Similar appearance to the default pack.
  • Custom environment.
  • Custom items.
  • Custom GUI.
  • Recommended with Shaders.
  • 3D models since 1.8 versions and up.

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Finlandia Resource Pack

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