Good Donuts Resource Pack


Good Donuts is a cheerful texture pack that seeks balance between simplicity and definition. The textures and colors overall are very simple. There are little specs of details here and there that help define what they were placed on. Much of the textures have little layers and have no depth with the colors. With everything that’s mixed, the balance between detail and simplicity is nicely achieved. The colors are very bright and the shapes are cute, creating this cartoon and comic effect. Another benefit is that the textures are really easy going on the eyes. Oh, I’m sure if it’s easy on the eyes, it should also be easy on your PC.

The pack features a 64×64 resolution containing textures and details that can be seen with a patched client through the use of MCPatcher or Optifine. The armor and weapons have gotten their own minor customization befitting the pack. It also features custom item textures and art for paintings. The GUI has received some minor tweaks and so have the menus in the starting menu and escape menu. Mobs haven’t been left out either, they’ve been customized along with the game’s particles.


Let’s recap.

  • 64×64 resolution.
  • Balance between detail and simplicity.
  • Playful textures.
  • Cute patterns.
  • Easy-on-eye textures.
  • Custom equipment.
  • Custom art.
  • Custom environment.
  • Custom GUI.
  • Custom items.
  • Custom mobs.
  • Custom particles.
  • Custom menus.

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Good Donuts Resource Pack

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