Invisible Glass Resource Pack


Invisible Glass is a very simple texture pack. In Minecraft’s default textures, there are little marks and scratches on glass blocks that tend to block the view. Invisible Glass removes those scratches and polishes the texture to help you see through the blocks with ease. The new textures are much more transparent and affect all variations of glass too. A bonus feature adds clear glass blocks to Minecraft which are completely invisible. You’ll want this pack if you only want textures to affect the glass as it touches nothing else making it easy on the customization if you prefer Vanilla styles.


Let’s recap.

  • Changes only affect glass.
  • Affects all colors of glass.
  • Removed some glass marks and have made the glass clear.
  • Clear glass is completely invisible.
  • Simple pack.
  • Makes it easier to see through glass.

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Invisible Glass Resource Pack

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