Pumpkin Patch Resource Pack


The Pumpkin Patch pack is a largely customized pack with every block having their own textures done by hand. The pack was entirely done by one person with the exception of the music. It features rough and rugged textures with the occasional pumpkins that pop up from time to time, being that it’s the symbol of the pack. All of the textures took a year to complete and even now it’s not completely… complete. The pack still receives frequent updates and after the completion of all the standard things, there are plans to add extra textures to the pack. In order to see those additional textures, it’s recommended to use Optifine or MCPatcher to get the whole experience. Despite the textures being rough, the details themselves and the pumpkins make the place seem like a fairy tale theme.

The Pumpkin Patch features the replacement of all the textures including additional textures which can be seen after the textures are patched. These textures include customized armor and items too. The art has been customized too with the pumpkin theme. Game particles have received an update and the Font along with the GUI have been customized. The splash screen has been completely customized to be included in the pumpkin theme. Lastly, the pack contains customized music which was done separately by the creator’s pal.


Let’s recap.

  • 32×32 resolution.
  • Additional textures w/ Optifine or MCPatcher.
  • Created for Pumpkin Patch Multiplayer server.
  • Medieval feel.
  • Tons of customization.
  • Development span of over a year.
  • Glorious pumpkins everywhere!
  • Custom equipment.
  • Custom art.
  • Custom environment.
  • Custom font.
  • Custom GUI.
  • Custom items.
  • Custom mobs.
  • Custom particles.
  • Custom music.
  • Custom splash and menus.

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Pumpkin Patch Resource Pack

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